Many individuals will need the services of an attorney at some point during their lifetime.  Whether it be difficulties arising from marital problems, family issues, allegations of criminal conduct, suffering from an accident or injury, or general business matters, finding a competent attorney is absolutely critical. There can be no doubt that the legal system is very complex and grows ever more complicated as time moves on.   Trying to navigate the legal system without the assistance of a caring, experienced, and zealous attorney can prove to be disastrous.   With nearly twenty five years of litigation experience and an intricate knowledge of the court system, Mr. Kommor has assisted inumerable clients in successfully resolving their legal issues.  Mr. Kommor's success is based upon four simple schools of thought.


No two cases are ever the same.  While the laws tend to remain consistent, each case presents its own unique set of facts and circusmstances.  Stated bluntly, there is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to representing a client.  Indeed, overlooking even the smallest fact can have a significant impact on the outcome of a case.  With this in mind, Mr. Kommor is mindful and diligent in listening to his clients and paying detailed attention to their problems.   Mr. Kommor fully understands the concept that listening is sometimes more important than speaking when it comes to successfully defending a case.


The success of any lawyer is largely based on the degree of credibility he/she brings to the table.  As a legal representative, it is the attorney's function to zealously and rigorously advocate the merits of his client's position.   Unless the attorney has established superior credibility in both the court system and legal community, his arguments will likely fall upon deaf ears.  Bluntly stated, if the attorney cannot be believed than neither can his client.  Over the years, Mr. Kommor has established a remarkable reputation as being fair, honest, and straightforward,  The respect he has gained from both the judiciary and legal community at large is one of his greatest assets and something his client's have come to rely upon over the years.


No one can argue that both the law and the legal system are extremely complicated.  As each day goes by, new laws and legal procedures are enacted which can impact the ultimate outcome of a case.  That being said, Mr. Kommor has developed an intricate knowledge of the workings of the court system and the procedures that must be followed while through the courthhouse.  In addition, Mr. Kommor works diligently to stay informed of the law by constantly educating himself on any changes in the law that could effect his clients.  Mr. Kommor's clients feel extremely confident that their interests will be protected even in light of the dynamic and changing nature of the law.      


Obviously, the cost of legal representation is usually a primary consideration with those experiencing legal difficulties,  However, the cost of legal represntation may often prove to be quite reasonable depending upon the attorney handling the case.   Unfortunately, thousands of dollars in legal fees are often wasted by litigants at the hands of attorneys who engage in protracted and wasteful litigation.  Mr. Kommor is cognizant of the fact that there is nothing more aggravating and frustrating than spending untold sums of time and money waiting around the halls of a courthouse with no results.  As proven throughout his twenty-five years of practice, Mr. Kommor has developed a style and method of handling his cases that combines a mix of zealous advocacy and efficiency. This style of litigation has resulted in superior outcomes with a minimum amount of legal cost to the client.  Mr. Kommor's clients are often most impressed with his ability to immediately get to the heart of the legal issues, avoid wasting time, and prevent the opposing side from engaging in delay tactics.

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