Long Island Divorce Attorneys

With the rate of divorce on the rise chances are your life may be affected by divorce. The experience of our divorce attorneys can help ease the pain and distress a divorce causes for all parties involved. The divorce process is still difficult even if it is a mutual decision. Our divorce law firm has the experience you will need to help determine who the children will live with, who continues to live in the family home, and how the property should be fairly divided.

Divorce Law & Filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

The first step in the divorce process is filing a petition for the dissolution of marriage. According to divorce law, this begins the cancellation of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and only needs to be filed by one member of the couple. After the petition for dissolution of marriage has been filed, a divorce attorney will be there to guide you toward the most beneficial outcome possible. Some people may qualify for different types of divorce depending on their marital circumstances. Our divorce law firm will determine which type you fit into.

If an amicable settlement cannot be agreed upon, our divorce attorneys have experience in the judicial system to see that you get the most beneficial result. Our goal is to get you what you deserve. If children are involved in the process our divorce attorney will strive to arrive at a mutual agreement for what is best for the all involved – especially the children.

Contact Our Divorce Law Firm

If you are looking to find a divorce attorney to assist you in filing a petition for dissolution of marriage, or if you have questions to ask a divorce attorney, contact our divorce law firm. Our divorce attorneys will be there through this difficult experience and make certain that you get receive what is ideal for you and your children. Let us help you!

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