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Cohabitation laws have been in a constant state of flux over recent years due to changing attitudes toward unmarried couples. Cohabitation gives you some rights that used to be reserved only for married couples. Our experienced cohabitation lawyers can walk you through the changes that may affect your cohabitation and finances. If marriage is not right for you and your partner, our lawyers can explain our cohabitation definition and help you develop a cohabitation agreement to ensure your rights aren’t violated.

Cohabitation Contracts, Agreements & Laws

Have you lived with your partner for a substantial amount of time? Have you considered cohabitation as an alternative to marriage? Have you ever wondered, “Is cohabitation illegal in my state?” Cohabitation has varying degrees of legality from state to state. Four states (Mississippi, Virginia, Florida, and Michigan) still have anti-cohabitation laws. However, these states rarely enforce their anti-cohabitation laws. Cohabitation allows couples the opportunity to apply for a mortgage. It also provides more rights in the case of child support.

According to the legal system, a cohabitation definition can be construed as an unmarried couple lives in a long-term situation resembling marriage. If cohabitation fails, a cohabitation agreement gives the people in the relationship more protection and rights. Mutual financial assets and debt is more fairly distributed if an agreement has been signed. Without an agreement a separating couple often finds it hard to fairly assess who deserves what portion of the property. Cohabitation laws give a couple more rights, although they are not as comprehensive as the rights of a traditionally married, opposite sex couple.

Cohabitation and finances are directly linked. Cohabitation contracts deal almost exclusively with the financial rights of the cohabiting couple. These rights mostly deal with what will happen if a cohabitation fails (child support or division of property and debt), but some of the rights allow for easier access to financial boons (applying for a mortgage).

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Are cohabitation laws too complex? Does a cohabitation agreement seem like the path for you? Do you need a professional cohabitation definition? Our cohabitation lawyers can help you understand the laws and decide if cohabitation seems right for your individual situation. An important part about deciding on cohabitation is how cohabitation and finances will work out. Contact our cohabitation law firm to get the information you need.

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