Lomg Island Traffic Attorneys & Traffic Offenses

Our traffic attorneys can assist you in dismissing or reducing traffic tickets to non-moving traffic violations. A traffic attorney is also able to get a court date right away after a license is suspended, halting the suspension and puts people back on the road. Our traffic ticket attorneys will explain how excessive points, being a negligent driver or receiving things like a reckless driving ticket could cause your license to be suspended.

Traffic Violations & Reckless Driving Tickets

Traffic violations can add up, quickly becoming serious issues if you are not careful. A traffic offense like a regular speeding ticket can cause a person to have a point assessed to his or her driving record. Traffic attorneys will tell you that your insurance rates can raise as much as 50% with regular speeding tickets. A reckless driving ticket will do much more to affect your record. As any experienced traffic ticket attorneys can tell you, speeding tickets for over 100 mph can cause you to have two points on your DMV record. Your license can be suspended for a month—or several months—after a conviction. There are heavy fines associated with these traffic tickets though our skilled traffic violation attorneys can often get them reduced.

Contact Our Traffic Law Firm

Our traffic attorneys have the knowledge to offer you the best information available. Once you know your situation, you can make informed decisions. Initially, we need to be sure you understand the traffic violations you’re dealing with and what possible recourse is open to you. Even more severe issues like a reckless driving ticket, for example, can be dealt with. Contact us for a consultation as soon as possible. The traffic ticket attorneys in our employ are professionals. We have seen all traffic situations and regardless of how serious you think your case is, we’ll find options for you.

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