Long Island Robbery Attorneys

Our robbery attorneys can defend you against robbery charges. A skilled robbery attorney knows the robbery laws and the nuances included in the definition of robbery. Whether someone is accused of using a gun or other weapon to commit a robbery or of strong-arm robbery, good legal counsel is a necessity.

Robbery Charges & The Definition of Robbery

Robbery charges depend on the details of the situation. Our robbery attorneys fully grasp the guidelines of robbery law and can inform clients about the important differences of robbery vs burglary. The basic definition of robbery means taking someone else’s property against their will, by force or coercion. Some examples are: armed robbery, attempted robbery, strong-arm robbery, and carjacking. Robbery laws define the differences in the kinds of robbery, which run the gamut from purse snatching to the use of threatening behavior to take money from a cashier. If you’ve been charged with robbery, let our experienced attorneys support you and your rights.

Contact Our Robbery Law Firm

When dealing with robbery charges, our robbery attorneys are here to assist you. We strive to come up with good strategies for our clients’ defense. We are experienced with the robbery laws and how they’re used. Whether we need to negotiate a plea agreement or dispute evidence in court, we’ll make sure your rights are upheld. We’ll start by being sure you know the definition of robbery and how your case should be framed. For a consultation contact us today.

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