Long Island Hit And Run Attorneys

If you are facing hit and run charges, you should seek out the assistance of our qualified hit and run attorneys. There are misdemeanor and felony hit & run situations, depending on the severity of an accident, the degree of damage and, potentially, an offender’s criminal record. Hit and run laws outline the details of what’s considered a misdemeanor or a felony. When hit and run results in serious injuries or death a felony charge is possible. In this instance, vehicular manslaughter can apply.

Vehicular Manslaughter & Hit And Run Charges

As our hit and run attorneys can inform you, the basic definition for hit and run involves the failure to stop and stay after car accidents and exchange necessary driver information. Even if you think an accident wasn’t your fault, if you leave the scene, you might face hit and run charges. The crime of hit and run is compounded when someone is injured or killed, resulting in vehicular manslaughter charges according to hit and run laws. A knowledgeable hit and run attorney can give you information about all instances.

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If you are dealing with hit and run charges, we are here in our legal office are ready to provide the assistance you need. Our hit and run attorneys are experienced with all hit and run laws and will fight to keep you away from jail and other harsh penalties. We might even be able to get criminal charges removed entirely, especially for first-time offenders, and/or keep driver points from your record. Contact us for a consultation as soon as possible. Failure to secure the support of excellent legal counsel could mean the misrepresentation of your case and an unwanted charge such as vehicular manslaughter.

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