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Our gun attorneys help people who are confronted by gun charges for breaking firearms and weapons laws. There are several gun laws which let people with a lawful permit have possession and are allowed to carry a concealed gun. However, when someone carries a gun without a permit, that person has committed gun crimes and could face criminal prosecution.

Gun Crimes & Gun Charges

The right to keep and bear arms is afforded to American citizens under the Second Amendment. This right, though, is not without qualifications, including specific rules according to each state’s gun laws. Many gun charges are similar, however, in most states, such as using or brandishing a firearm when committing a felony, possessing a concealed gun without a permit, and transporting a gun by a felon. Often times, a first offense for gun crimes is a misdemeanor. For example, it’s a misdemeanor for a first offense of carrying a concealed gun without a permit. Gun attorneys know, however, that later violations will be considered felonies.

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Out gun attorneys in this legal office know how to protect clients who are faced with accusations of gun crimes and any other gun charges. Contact us for a consultation as soon as possible. We are experienced with gun laws. We understand fully that convictions for illegal gun use can be met by harsh consequences. A qualified gun attorney here is prepared to defend you.

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