Smithtown Death Penalty Attorneys & Murder Defense Attorneys

Our death penalty attorneys offer representation to people facing a capital murder charge or a different capital offense for which the death penalty might be applied. The death penalty laws in many states can apply to murder cases like premeditated, first-degree, and felony murder. Our knowledgeable murder defense attorneys understand that the prosecution must meet certain guidelines if they wish to seek a punishment of death.

Capital Murder Offense and Death Penalty Laws

Capital murder is a type of capital offense, which is defined as a crime punishable by death. If death is sought for various capital crimes, including murder cases, it is referred to as capital punishment. Thirty-eight states in the United States presently have laws that make certain criminal offenses punishable by death. Our death penalty attorneys have strong experience and are able to educate clients about the complex, evolving definition of capital offense as part of developing an appropriate defensive strategy.

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Representation by qualified death penalty attorneys is essential in cases involving a capital offense. Our experienced professionals handle capital murder cases and are prepared to aggressively protect and maximize your legal interests. Call us for a consultation right away. Murder cases, for example, require competence and commitment in criminal defense.

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