Like hiring Alan Shore from Boston Legal. Steven Kommor is a highly skilled lawyer. He cuts to the heart of matters saving you massive legal fees. During my week long divorce trial I saw Mr. Kommor cross examine an expert CPA with such skill and preparation, he came across like he was an accountant as well. Steven asked all the right questions to find many errors the forensic cpa had included in his report due to lack of information. This probably saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. When horrible lies were told about me during the trial, Steven used his amazing skill and professionalism to get to the truth and vindicate me. I trust him. All of my concerns were addressed. I felt he came prepared. When I told him lies were being told about me, he believed me and found the proof we needed in the opposition's discovery. He was so good his adversary offered him a position doing her trials. Thank you Steven

Due to issues with my X, this divorce took forever. She was never willing to settle, and never proposed anything resembling a fair offer. Steve stuck with me thru the entire ordeal. In the end, it turned out great. My home was saved, my retirement $ was saved, and I am finally free.

It was so nice to sit with Steven and have him explain in great detail how divorce would work for me. I felt so comfortable, all of my questions were answered in a language that was understandable. If you are looking for an attorney who will have your back, look no further, you have found your man.

Best lawyer. Steven was my lawyer in a highly contested divorce battle. It was probably one of the most highly contested and crazy divorce battles ever. I had to deal with false accusations, defamation, parental alienation, investigators, forensics - it was a very rough custody battle. We won all that we wanted to win. Steven was simply amazing - on both, the professional and personal level. No other lawyer could have achieved what he achieved. He went above and beyond whenever necessary. Steven is dedicated to win and do what's right - and this is all that matters in a divorce.

Amazing & Caring! One of the Best in Business. I came to Steve about 3 years ago with a complicated child visitation case and I was only seeing my daughter 2 hours each weekend. My ex wife was putting all kinds of false allegations and it was a nightmare. Steve is not one of those guys that worries about payments; he is a father of two kids and truly understands the pain of a parent not being able to see their own kid. He never harassed me for payments and always kept it real. I truly appreciate Steve's assistance as I did not have a crazy big budget neither. He helped me out by settling on a very complex case. Thanks Steve!

Steve stuck with me through a simple divorce that turned into a nightmare. He was there every step of the way. He made himself available during Holidays. He was more than worth the money for the quality of service I received. I hope to never go through this again but if I have to I will cal Steve and I'll refer him to everyone I know.

Mr. Kommor respects the law and what it stands for, respects his clients and the courtroom. He has what many lawyers I have come in contact with lack, and that is empathy. Mr.Kommor not only represented me in my divorce but I retained him a second time to help me with my child support. I initially came to Mr.Kommor as a scared stay at home mom feeling like the cards were stacked against me. Thanks to Mr.Kommor’s knowledge of the law, compassion and dedication to his clients the divorce settlement that he achieved gave stability and security to me and my children. He always returned my calls and emails and came to conferences and court prepared and ready. Steve went above and beyond to make sure I was being protected and always had my back. I feel so lucky and blessed I had someone like Mr.Kommor by my side and in my corner. Words can’t express how thankful I am for his solid representation.

Steve Kommor helped me with my child support case. I was owed a very large sum since I had not been paid in seven years. Steve got the money that was owed to me. Also, he helped me with a custody case. As a result, I did receive custody as well. Although he is very aggressive in his tactics, which is something you want your lawyer to be. He is very kind to his clients. I would definitely recommend him.

I had a simple divorce case which should have taken three minutes to settle. Three lawyers and two years of litigation and I got nowhere. I finally went to Mr. Kommor on a recommendation and thank heaven I did. Seeing that the case was going nowhere, Mr. Kommor pressed for a trial and brought everything to a head. It was only then that my wife finally came to her senses and started talking about a reasonable settlement. The case settled and my only regret was not seeing Mr. Kommor initially as I would have saved thousands in legal fees and alot of wasted time. I highly recommend him. He is sharp, knowledgeable, well-spoken, and to the point.

I consulted Mr. Kommor about a very contentious divorce and child custody case. He was very reassuring and knowledgeable so I hired him. I am delighted that I did. His knowledge of the law and his devotion to his clients is unsurpassed. He is an amazing trial lawyer and he has a great rapport with the court officials. My case did go to trial, and I am glad it did. I got everything I wanted and more. I wouldn't even consider hiring anyone else but Mr. Kommor. He gave me back my life.

Superior attorney ! I was referred to Steve when I had to retain another attorney after my first attorney failed to protect me and my rights and made such errors. Steve was professional, kind and by far an expert in his field !! He not only negotiated an outstanding settlement but he knew the laws Inside and out better than my ex husbands 2 attorneys !! If you need to hire an attorney this is the man. I would give him 30 stars if that were an option . He's a master in his field !!!

Posted By Alyssa D. January 5, 2016

I cannot thank Mr. Kommor enough for getting me through what was the worst time of my life. For years I lived a miserable existence too afraid to divorce my husband because I knew he would cut me an the children off. That is exactly what he did when I finally found the courage to divorce him. Even the court process was long and very difficult at times, Mr. Kommor was there every step of the way fighting for me and my kids. In the end, my husband was finally beaten into submission. Not only was Mr. Kommor smart, he was relentless. I must say that It felt great to see my husband get beat so badly by Mr. Kommor while he was testifying. In the end, the children and I did great. Thanks again Mr. K.

Posted by Lisa 

A true hero!!  Steve was willing to meet with us on a Sunday and worked quickly to help us with our issue. He was understanding and very empathetic. He recognized the importance of a fast resolution and worked hard to help achieve it. I would highly recommend him. From the bottom of my heart, I thank him for his dedication and tireless efforts to help parents and their children.

Posted by Artie 

Steven was very knowledgeable and helpful to me when dealing with my legal issues. He always returns calls promptly and was easy to talk to. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future for any of my legal matters.

Posted by Nance October 26, 2014

I thought my life was over, my husband had an affair and financially abandoned our family. He had become a dead beat dad and we were slowly drowning. I was an emotional wreck. I sought the help of Steven and put my life and the lives of my children in his hands. He took the time to explain the process to me and at times and there were many held my hand and guided me back on to the path. Through his knowledge and expertise he was able to negotiate a deal that would keep us afloat and some! I am truly grateful. If it were not for him and his wonderfully trained team the ship would've sailed without my children and myself. Steven had the ability to end my nightmare and I can now move forward and provide my children the life they deserve! Steven rescued us!


Posted by Marci 

Excellent!!! I was referred to Steven by a friend who spoke highly of him. I was apprehensive about contacting an attorney regarding my custody case from across the country, but the moment we began speaking, he immediately put me at my ease. Steven is clearly experienced, as well as friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!!

Posted by Gayle October 24, 2014

Mr. Kommor is relentless in the courtroom. Without his expertise I never would have been able to win my case. Not only did I win it, but Mr. Kommor buried the opposition. He is a remarkable trial lawyer, and best of all he hears what I say to him and is totally responsive. He talked me through this ordeal from start to finish. He's the best.

Posted by Patrice October 23, 2014

I had a very touchy criminal matter. I came to Mr. Kommor based upon his former prosecutor experience. He handled my case very professionally and I was very pleased with the outcome. Very reasonable on price and very responsive.

Posted by a Divorce client 

Outstanding!!! I was referred to Mr. Kommor by a friend who watched him on trial and was extremely impressed by his trial skills. My divorce was very complicated and I knew that Mr. Kommor's notable experience as a trial litigator and divorce attorney would serve me well. I absolutely made the right decision and I could not be happier with the result I received. I cannot thank him enough for securing my future and the future of my children.

Posted by a Divorce client September 23, 2013

Excellent attorney. Very professional and responsive to needs of the client. Very well respected in courts. While he advocates for settlement, he has been trained as a trial lawyer and is excellent in the courtroom. I highly recommend utilizing his services.


Posted By Joshua on October 2, 2016

Steven is an exceptional attorney. His knowledge of family law matters is impressively extensive, but more importantly he has a deep focus on the needs of his clients. Highly recommended!


Posted By Patrick Hackett, Esq.on October 26, 2014

I endorse this lawyer. I have referred a number of people to him and all have given him high grades. He is attentive, knows the law and he is fair with his fees which is not the norm with matrimonial lawyers. I highly recommend him!

Posted by Matthew Tannenbaum Real Estate Attorney 

I endorse this lawyer. I worked with Steve on numerous matters. I always find his advice to clients is clear and concise. He is also very pragmaticwith his case plan. I like the fact that unlike other matrimonial attorneys I have workd with that he is aware of the clients financial sitiuation and will tailor his strategy and tactics to the clients economic situation.

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